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Frequently Asked Questions

Generating WhatsApp chat links is free. You can use OwnChat's WhatsApp Link Creator tool for free.

  • Add a WhatsApp action button to your Instagram profile.

  • Insert a WhatsApp link in your Instagram bio.

  • Include a WhatsApp link in an Instagram Stories highlight

  • Go to your Google My Business Home page and select Appointments.

  • Insert your WhatsApp link. It's simple!

Although WhatsApp chat links are useful for online customers, they can't help you connect with offline visitors. To turn foot traffic into WhatsApp conversations, you'll need a WhatsApp QR code.

WhatsApp QR codes are codes that can be scanned to connect with a WhatsApp profile and start conversations quickly.

  • Create & Download QR Code from Ownchat WhatsApp Link Generator

  • Print & use the WhatsApp QR Code for your business.

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