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How To Create Your Free WhatsApp Link?

Step 1 : To start, enter your WhatsApp Business Number and the corresponding country code.

Enter the phone number for which you want to create the link, and be sure to include the appropriate country code.

Step 2: If you wish, you can add a personal message.

this step is not mandatory, it can significantly enhance your user's experience by adding a personal touch. For instance, you may include a message like "Hello, I am eager to know more about your business".

Step 3 : To obtain your unique link, simply click on the 'Generate WhatsApp Chat Link' button.

After generating the link, the tool generates a shortened URL and a QR code that you can download.

whatsapp link

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How to Utilize WhatsApp Links to Enhance Sales

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Frequently Asked Questions

A WhatsApp link generator is a tool that allows you to create clickable links that, when clicked, will open a chat with a particular WhatsApp number or group.

To use a WhatsApp link generator, you'll typically need to enter the WhatsApp number or group name that you want the link to open, and the tool will generate a unique link that you can copy and share.

Yes, you can create a WhatsApp link for a group chat by entering the group name or number in the WhatsApp link generator tool.

WhatsApp links are permanent and will continue to work as long as the WhatsApp number or group chat exists.

Yes, Ownchat's whatsapp link generator allows you to customize the text of the link to make it more personalized and relevant to your business.

No, WhatsApp links only open a chat window with a particular number or group. To share media files, you'll need to use the WhatsApp app directly.