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How to add WhatsApp Chat to a website ?

you can create your whatsapp chat widget by following three simple steps

1. Customize the widget

2. Get your code

3. Paste into your website

Create a Custom WhatsApp Widget for website

Personalize and Generate the code snippet in minutes for seamless integration .

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Frequently Asked Questions

The WhatsApp Chat widget is an icon usually placed in the end corner of the website. Website visitors can click and contact the website owners for queries.

You need to Generate some code to have a Chat Widget. Click to know how to create a free whatsapp chat widget.

Click this button StartNow to generate the Free Whatsapp Chat widget code.

Yes, You can select the chat widget's appearance, generate the code, and add it to your website.

First copy the generated code and paste it into all your website pages before the </body> tag.

A visitor can click the icon or widget it will direct them to the Whatsapp chatbox. They can select the option you have provided already.
Visitors can easily contact and interact with You.

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  • Personalize your chat widget to connect with visitors via WhatsApp

  • Make it easy for customers to contact you with the WhatsApp Live Chat Widget

  • Collect the customer's phone number right from the start of the chat

  • Provide fast and convenient customer service with WhatsApp

  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty with instant messaging support

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